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Have you considered doing a fantasy characters pack?

Also, how do I contact you to find out your rates for cover, layout & interior work for a module I'm writing?


Yes! I'd consider doing a fantasy pack. In fact this pack (and the second one) are inspired by a running section on the late 90's/early 2000's Dragon Magazine that was basically a single page with a dozen black and white character portraits for players to photocopy and use on their games.
It seems I forgot to add my contact email to the "Thanks for supporting me.txt" file. I will update it now!

this is great, i'm using these for a personal game of starforged.


Oh, I didn't knew about that game. I will check it out!


Love this style--just enough detail, actual variety in the male and female I just wish I was working on a sci-fi themed game! Thank you for posting your work.


The style of these is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks a lot for this. I have updated our Spanish wiki pointing to your awesome work!


Nice job



Hey, is it okay if people edited these for their own personal use only? like applying color and such.


ABSOLUTELY! Go wild! Mix-match em, swap noses, eyes, whatever.
As long as is for personal use only! ;)

Have lot's of fun!

Gorgeous work!


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What amazing work! Truly great stuff. I hope you realize how very grateful your downloaders feel toward you!


Thanks you very much!   :D
If you like them, share the link on Twitter or your favourite social network!   ;)

This is some truly outstanding artwork, and a breathtaking deal for the price. Thank you so much for this. I don't have a use for these (yet) but thought I'd give you a little money anyway to show my support. :)


Thanks a lot!

(thumbs up)

No problem. Checked them out, gotta commend you on your lineart skills, man. Great stuff.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Have you considered a licensing fee to be able and use the pack in a commercial project?


Currently I'm not considering it and I'm sticking to punctual work-for-hire. But I promise to look a bit more into it and I will update the product description (and add an appropriate post) if I find a way to make it work world-wide.
It's a complicated issue because I reside in the European Union and, although we have a common intellectual property legislation, there are important differences between member states. Other countries are completely different animals to tackle. Although I'd being told it has being streamlined in the last years I probably should consult a lawyer foremost no matter what. 

TL;DR: Not now. Probably later. I will totally look into it.

Makes perfect sense, thanks for the answer.

I'm likely going to use the portraits in my video game for now anyway since I'm not certain when there'll be any monetization associated with it, if ever.

I am absolutely in love with these portraits, thank you so much!


Thank you for checking them out! ;)

"Poject" spelling intentional?



-Oh shiiiit!

Waow ! Thank you very much, this is HUGE

Gracias Victor!

Do you do commissions by chance?



I've been looking a long time for portraits for my Sci-Fi game.
Your art will come in handy. :)

(a small donation is coming your way, btw :D )

Thanks. :D :D

Thanks you, mate!