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A collection of +120 character portraits for your TTRPG online or on person game sessions.

Usable with any sci-fi game like Mothership, Traveller, Death Among the Stars, Night Tripper, Lancer RPG,  Aliens, Infinity, Mechwarrior or whatever your favourite setting or game is!

Curated to have a diverse cast of portraits of different age, constitution, ethnic background, hairstyles, attitudes and levels of accessorizing! And also androids?

Each portrait come in FIVE different versions:

  • Plain Line-art: Perfect for printing and coloring in your table or coloring digitally.
  • With screen-tones: A slightly more sophisticated version reminiscent of printed media like manga or black & white comics.
  • With screen-tones + Grey background: A fancier version of the above.
  • With screen-tones + Color background: The screen-toned version with colorful pop-art colors.
  • Old TV set: In cassette-futures there is no such thing as high definition transmissions!
  • MORE THAN SIX HUNDRED FILES just in the SFCP 2 pack!!!

    Individual files are 889x1200 high quality PNG 300 dpi.


    Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License

       CC BY-NC 4.0


    Buy Now25.00€ EUR or more

    In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 25.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

    SFCP 1 New Styles UPDATE.rar 227 MB
    Final SFCP 1 Update.rar 46 MB

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    If I want to make sure I have all the portraits, do I need both "SFCP 1 New Styles UPDATE" and "Final SFCP 1 Update.rar"? 😅

    these are so cool ty for your work!


    Wow thanks! <3

    Is there a commercial license available

    Yes, my contact information is on the "THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME! Read me!.txt" file!

    Any plans on adding some alien portraits?

    Maybe in the next pack. Also, I would ask the community first for ideas about what kinds of aliens would they like to see.
    My idea is, if I go ahead and include them with the next pack, to begging with Traveller aliens. But any suggestions will be welcomed!

    cool beans, look forward to seeing them. I would go for some full on generic aliens. Space elves, squid faces, cat man, rock man, frog man, lizard man your classic 'greys' stuff like that.

    That's a really good idea indeed!

    Congratulations on these outstanding portraits!
    We would love to be able to work with you on a board game project we have. We've DM'd you via Twitter about that :)
    Don't hesitate to get back to us.
    Again, wonderful art.

    Thank you!

    These are very helpful for so many SF games.

    (1 edit)

    Thanks again and great work !
    This pack will work great for my next Frontier Setting !


    Fan letter from South Korea. Your works are amazing:)

    THANKS! Lots of love!

    The April 15th and April 22nd update appear to be the same file when downloaded - Anyone else? Or am I being even dimmer than usual?

    Theoretically are different , check twice. If problems persist telle me and I will upload a single file with all the portraits.

    Yeah - it was me being dim, or more correctly it was a glitch in the archive extractor I was using on my Mac for the RAR files.  Brilliant artwork - can't wait to see more, my players loved your original set when we played Mothership.  They fit the bill perfectly.


    Nice. I got the first pack a while ago, so nice to see more!


    Love it, fantastic resource.


    Thanks! More to come on the way!